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Permission Type#

Choose whether users get assigned to a single schema, or each user group gets its own schema.


If you choose Multiple Schemas, you will see the following fields for each user group.

GraphQL Schema#

The schema that tokens will be assigned to through the authentication mutations.

Allow Registration#

Choose if the registration mutations should be available.

If you choose Single Schemas for the Permission Type field, you will have a single register mutation available.

Otherwise, you will have a mutation for each user group with registration enabled โ€“ with the group handle appended to the mutation name, for example registerUser and registerBusiness.

User Group#

Choose which user group users will be assigned to when created through a register mutation.

Restricted Queries & Mutations#

Here you can choose which sections should have restricted queries and mutations.

Restricted sections/volumes mean that users are only able to query/mutate their own entries/assets.

Only the sections allowed in the selected schema will show here.