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Permission Type

Choose whether to have one schema for all users, or a schema per user group.

Allow Magic Authentication

Whether or not the Magic Code mutations should be available.


If you choose Multiple Schemas, you will see the following fields for each user group.

Allow Two-Factor Authentication

Whether or not the Two-Factor mutations should be available.

GraphQL Schema

The schema that JWTs will be assigned to through the authentication mutations.

Allow Registration

Choose if the registration mutations should be available.

If you choose Single Schemas for the Permission Type field, you will have a single register mutation available.

Otherwise, you will have a mutation for each user group with registration enabled – with the group handle appended to the mutation name, for example registerUser and registerBusiness.

User Group

Choose which user group users will be assigned to when created through a register mutation.

Restricted Queries & Mutations

Here you can choose which sections should have restricted queries and mutations.

Restricted sections/volumes mean that users are only able to query/mutate their own entries/assets.

Only the sections allowed in the selected schema will show here.